Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Constraint Therapy, Round 2

About a year ago, Shelby had 3 weeks of constraint induced therapy (CIT). In layman's terms, a cast was put on her favored right arm to force her brain to learn to use the left arm. It was amazingly successful and Shelby started using her left arm for the first time during that three weeks and continued afterwards. Here are the blog posts we did about it:

Anyway, Trip and I have decided that Shelby is ready to do casting again. Her left arm has gotten stronger and she isn't fisting her left hand nearly as much as she used to. We're hoping to accomplish a couple things through this round of CIT with Shelby: develop some fine motor skills with the left hand and learn how to play bilaterally.

We are really looking forward to seeing Shelby increase her strength and skills with that left arm and hand during the casting period. However, I am not looking forward to dealing with Shelby's frustration and wrath over having the cast on! She can be pretty stubborn.

Oh well, she is ready for this therapy and the cast goes on tomorrow. Shelby will have PT or OT every day during the three week period. We'll keep you updated.


  1. Go, Lefty, Go!!!! I believe in this therapy because I have witnessed results first hand! It will all be worth it and Shelby will thank you one day when she completely understands... Good Luck guys!

  2. Thank you for posting your experiences! My 9 month old daughter had a brain aneurysm and stroke when it clotted. We are going to start constraint therapy this week. I am nervous that it will be difficult for her, but I know it should be effective. Any insight on what I can expect?