Sunday, October 17, 2010

Autumn Outing and New Camera

At long last we have settled our insurance claim from when my car was broken into in August, so I was finally able to buy a new camera. I have really missed following Harding and Shelby around snapping photos like the mommy paparazzi. We got our new camera just in time for a trip to the corn maze and pumpkin patch today.

Some of the Kinnaird family's long-time friends, Rose, her daughter Sally, and Sally's two boys Ian and Anderson came up from Georgia for a couple days. As always it was really good to see them. Sally is one of my parenting role models. Her boys are probably the most well-behaved, polite and fun kids I have ever met.

Here is Harding with Ian and Anderson:

Harding enjoys his picnic lunch:

This is the whole crew of kids (and Matt and Trip) who came along:

Harding and his daddy are looking more alike these days:

Shelby models Aunt Ashlee's shades.

It was entirely too hot for hot cider, but these apple cider popsicles were a huge hit with the kids.

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