Friday, August 27, 2010


I'm not going to has been a rough couple weeks. Our car was broken into the weekend after I went back to work and my camera and purse were stolen. Yes, I know, it was completely stupid of me to have left them in the car. So we have been dealing with that. Also, the back-to-work transition has been difficult, to say the least. Our mornings are filled with mayhem as we get ourselves and the kids dressed, fed and out of the house. I have been taking Harding to work with me at 6:30 and then driving him over to his daycare when it opens at 7:20. I am teaching a new subject and grade level, so I feel like a brand new teacher all over again, especially after having been away for a whole year. To add to all of this stress, both kids have been sick (but not at the same time, of course) and Shelby is cutting multiple teeth.

But we are muddling through and trying to take one day at a time, and every day things get a little better. We have had a lot of help. My mom and mother-in-law have brought meals and watched the kids when they were sick. Trip has enjoyed spending the extra time with Shelby at her therapy sessions. The kids quickly settled in to full-time daycare and seem to be happy at their schools. Shelby has learned to say "bye bye" and Harding has made some new friends. Trip has started reading bits of the Hobbit to him at night and it looks like we will have another Tolkein fan in the family. I get my first paycheck next week, so we have that to look forward to.

Things are definitely hectic around here, so forgive my infrequent blog updates. I'll try to do better. Pictures will be coming as soon as we get a new camera. I sure did hate not being able to photograph Harding running around in nothing but his underwear and a superhero cape the other day....

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  1. Dang... the car thing sucks! I have thought about you in recent days as you returned back to work. Keep breathing, girl.