Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mattice Beach Week 2010

I grew up seeing my dad's side of the family about twice a year. We did Thanksgiving together, then in the summer, Nana and Grandpa rented a beach house on Edisto Island for two whole weeks. Because of this, I am friends with all of my cousins today and I will never go to the beach without thinking of my grandparents and the memories that we made over those two wonderful weeks.

Now that I have Harding and Shelby and Chris has baby Riley, my parents are aiming at recreating this experience for their grandchildren. They rented all of us a beach house last week week. Nana came along too, and we had ourselves 7 days of memory making. We cooked delicious seafood every single night, swam in the ocean, relaxed on the beach, caught fish in the surf, took care of the children together and made the most of every second. Nana even made her famous beach peach pie, which my brother tasted and announced that the first bite took him back to his childhood.

Holden Beach morning rainbow (the picture does not do it justice):

Trip trying to get H to float on his back:

The ocean air was good to Shelby's curls:
Aunt Chris and Harding:

Bebe and sweet baby Riley:
Stephen and Dad caught enough fish for taco night:
Chris and I are being paid back for never cooperating when Nana made us take cousins pictures at Edisto:
Papa convinced Shelby that she did like the beach:
Riley being her adorable self:
Quality time with my boy.
Harding and Nana on a walk. Check out his tanline:


  1. I love Holden Beach! Did you eat at Provisions?

  2. I hope that everyone notices that Harding insisted on walking with one of Nana's canes in that last picture!