Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shelby's Team

Shelby is one year old today! I can not believe how quickly the past year has gone.  We will post more about this later, with some pictures as well.

So, my post from yesterday got me thinking about all the doctors, therapists, and specialists Shelby sees.  Some of these people she sees every week, others only every six months.  Together she has an amazing team looking after her, and helping her along with her development.  Tiffany and I can't thank all of you enough.  So, following is a list of these wonderful people in order of when we met them.

Pediatrician - Dr. Love. 
Neurosurgeon - Dr. Grant.
Service Coordinator - Molly
Physical Therapist - Beth
Ophthalmologist - Dr. Bashinski
Neurologist - Dr. Poplawski
Teacher for the visually impaired - Karen
Occupational Therapist - Julie
Nutritionist - Cyndi
Speech Therapist - Alisa
Orthopedist - Dr. Casey
Play Therapist - Lizzy

Again, thank you all so much.

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