Sunday, June 6, 2010

Roll over, Roll over

This past weekend was indeed a happy and momentous one for us! Shelby has been so close to rolling over for some time now... Yesterday, she started doing it by herself effortlessly! It was almost difficult to get it on video because it happens so quickly. She has been progressing by leaps and bounds lately and I'm so proud of her (and you can tell that she is proud of herself). So here it is guys, Shelby Frances, one year old, rolling from belly to back!


  1. She did that like a pro!!!!

    Congrats Shelby!

  2. Sounds like your week has been full of good news from your test results to Shelby rolling over! So happy for all of you!

  3. Hey Tiffany,

    I tried to send you an email but it was returned to me...please get my email from my blog's profile and then shoot me a line or two. I am glad you have questions and I'm willing to help any way I can.