Saturday, May 1, 2010

vision update, petit mal seizures

This is another one of those good news, bad news posts.  I'll start with the bad.  When we were at the ophthalmologist appointment yesterday we noticed Shelby Frances kind of "go absent" for about 5 or 6 seconds while she was looking at a light-chaser toy.  At first we hoped she had just spaced out, but we called the neurologist anyway.  The nurse said that it sounded like a petit mal seizure and the doctor thought it might have been an isolated event that happened because of the light-chaser toy.  But now we have seen at least one more since then.  For now, we are just going to keep track of all the episodes, and will see what the EEG shows in about a month.  She is already on a pretty high dose of her current seizure meds (keppra), so the dr. may end up switching to a different kind. Of course we hate for Shelby to have any kind of seizures, but these are mild, and hopefully won't become a regular thing.  Also, that's the last time we will use any sort of light-chaser toy or any rapid blinking lights around her.  We have a bunch of appointments coming up in June, (EEG, MRI, neurology, neurosurgeon, pediatrician, etc) so I think we will know more soon.

Now the good news.  If you recall, last time we went to the ophthalmologist, Shelby's teller-accuity vision assessment was approximately 20/360 (which we were very happy about).  This time it was 20/130 (or better).  We were ecstatic about this!  What an improvement!  Of course we were expecting some improvement because we can just tell she is seeing so much better, but that was unbelievable. The doctor has not prescribed any glasses yet, but said that if magnifying glasses could help her in the future we would look into them.

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