Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shelby's hips

We went to Charlotte earlier this week to get a second opinion on Shelby's hip dysplasia. On our way, we passed through the city of Shelby, so I had to get a shot of the sign. I love that Shelby is a "city of pleasant living"!

Shelby's new orthopedist, Dr. Virginia Casey, gave us some great news--Shelby no longer has to wear the abduction brace 24 hours a day! Her hips have improved since December, and it was only mild dysplasia anyway, so Dr. Casey thought it would be fine for Shelby to only wear the brace at night. We are thrilled and relieved to be through with that thing. This will give Shelby more of a chance to catch up developmentally now that she won't be so constrained all the time. We are working hard on rolling over right now--she is so close!

I really appreciate our pediatrician and PT for encouraging us to seek out this second opinion. I am learning more and more that a lot of treatment decisions that doctors make are subjective and variable, depending on who you see. I won't be as hesitant to go elsewhere if I am unhappy with an aspect of Shelby's care in the future. Also, thanks to my parents for accompanying me on this trip. We made a mini-vacation out of it and had a great time at the Embassy Suites pool in Charlotte.

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