Wednesday, April 7, 2010

H goes to the Dentist

Trip and I were a little worried about how Harding would handle a trip to the dentist. He has some quirky fears when it comes to noises. I have to close the bathroom door before using the hairdryer. We can't vacuum when he is home because he really gets upset (I swear I am not just making excuses for how seldom I vacuum). He got hysterical when Matt turned on the chainsaw out at our property last month.

I was shocked when he actually let Ms. Jan (who is my mom's friend from high school) polish and floss his teeth. It helps that she is really good with kids.

He loved the water squirter, and she even let him squirt her a couple times while we waited for the dentist to come in and look at his teeth.

No cavities! (Thank goodness, because they would have had to sedate him to get the drill in his mouth).

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