Monday, December 21, 2009

Neurologist appt. and EEG

We went to see Shelby's neurologist on December 14th and he scheduled a routine EEG for last Thursday. Dr. Poplawski's nurse called us this afternoon with the results. The EEG showed intermittent slowing of Shelby's brain waves in the area of her shunt. This is different from the epilipti-form discharges that he noticed in the EEG she had back in August. Dr. Poplawski thinks this means Shelby is having subclinical seizures and is putting her back on Keppra (not real sure why we stopped in the first place).  After we get her dose up and she is on the medication for a month or so, we will do another EEG. As usual, we're not really sure what all this means, but we're thinking that the fact that these seizures are localized in the area of the shunt makes them not as bad as others. We go to the ophthalmologist on Wednesday, then I think we'll be finished with doctor appointments till next year!

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