Saturday, December 19, 2009

The "Blizzard" of '09

We're snowed in started yesterday morning and kept coming all day. We lost electricity, but are lucky to have wonderful next-door neighbors with a wood stove in their basement who put us up for the night. I think we got about 15 inches--the most that Trip and I have seen since we moved to Asheville and certainly the most snow that Harding has ever seen. It has been really fun to play outside in it with the kids and all of our neighbors. We built a huge snowman. Trip and I just watched people out walking pose for pictures with him. Harding said that he wanted it to come to life. Our power is back on now, the kids finally fell asleep, the house is slowly warming up and I'm about to start baking banana bread. Life is good.


  1. Wow, Tiff. Those are incredible pictures! SOOO jealous of the snow!

  2. Yes, those pictures are indeed fabulous! I especially love the family picture in front of the snowman :)

  3. Nice toss dad... Thats some serious snow. Hope it stuck around for the holiday