Thursday, September 3, 2009


Shelby laughed today! It was a funny little giggle when we tickled her belly. I don't know if she knows what laughter really sounds like, because we haven't been doing a lot of it recently. Maybe this is her way of telling us to lighten up. Anyway, what a glorious sound it was! It seems like every milestone is a huge blessing with this little girl. We are so happy!!!


  1. It was a great sound and I am so glad I got to witness it. She is such a precious little girl.

  2. The sound of a baby laughing just brightens the world :)

  3. Hey Tiffany - I have been behind in my blogging and didn't realize you had a blog. I had no idea what you all have been going thru. My Nephew has a friend who has the same thing. He is doing very well in school. He has to wear glasses but his vision did improve. My thoughts are with you all but I'm so glad to hear about her laughter. What a glorious sound. Shelby is adorable.