Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Busy Busy

Shelby Frances working hard with her awesome PT (Beth):
This is certainly turning into a busy week! Shelby has PT this afternoon. The Governor Morehead folks called yesterday and are sending someone to our house tomorrow afternoon to do an assessment on Shelby and to start working with us. She'll be bringing brain stimulation stuff to help figure out how Shelby is functioning in her environment and will give me ideas on ways to help her. She'll also evaluate how often they need to come work with us. I'm very curious about how this visit will go.

Also, after a great deal of reflection on our appointment with the ophthalmologist back in June (where we were told that Shelby was seeing fine) and taking suggestions from various others, I have decided to switch ophthalmologists. Even though Shelby's eyes work great, the doctor should have prepared us for the possibility of a cortical visual impairment. Maybe the CVI diagnosis would not have hit us so hard if we had known it was a possibility. The opthamologist we saw is actually the only board certified pediatric NEURO-ophthalmologist in Western North Carolina, so he has to know something about hydrocephalus and the brain. Also, we were referred to him because of Shelby's nystagmus (which could have been a sign of seizure activity). Since he is a neuro-ophthalmologist, he should have known this as well and immediately referred us to a neurologist. Thankfully, Shelby is not having seizures though (and sorry about the tirade).

Several people recommended that we see Dr. Bashinsky who is another pediatric ophthalmologist in town. I called to schedule an appointment and they had an opening for this Thursday. Hopefully we'll know more about what Shelby sees after Wednesday and Thursday's appointments. So yes, this is turning into a busy week, but I am really glad to be moving forward with helping Shelby!

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