Tuesday, July 28, 2009

CT Scan

We went back to Duke today for Shelby's first CT scan and a follow-up with Dr. Grant, her surgeon. Thankfully, Shelby stayed calm and still through the scan so she did not need sedation. The purpose of this scan was to make sure the shunt was working, establish a baseline for Shelby's brain and to see what has changed since her surgery. We were hoping to see some growth of the brain tissue and WE DID!! The area of her brain that was most affected by the hydrocephalus (back right) used to be very thin and under a great deal of pressure and now it is over a centimeter thick, which Dr. Grant said was very good. The mid-line of Shelby's brain has also shifted closer to where it should be and there is much less fluid (which means more brain)! Shelby's brain may continue to grow a little, but even if it doesn't, Dr. Grant assured us that he is happy with where it is. We will go back to Duke in December for another CT scan to track any changes.

Our next appointment is a "global developmental assessment" with a pediatrician and a pediatric physical therapist in the middle of August. If anyone has insight on whether we should go with the Early Intervention Program or the Olsen Huff Center (or both) for Shelby's therapies, Trip and I would be very interested in hearing from you.

We'll post some before and after pictures of Shelby's brain tomorrow. Many thanks to all of you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. We are feeling really good about things right now.

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