Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CT Scan and MRI Images

Ok, as promised here are some before and after images of Shelby's brain. As you will see, there was a whole lot of fluid:

First this is an image of a normal healthy brain:

And here is the first MRI taken of Shelby. This one scared the heck out of us:

Here is her latest CT Scan which shows some improvement, especially in the back right area:

Here is another before and after:

One more:

As you can see, there has been some good rebounding of the brain. We hope it will continue to grow, but as Tiff said, even if it doesn't she may be just fine. Of course we still don't really know her outlook long term, but she seems to be acting very normal. She is focusing on us, and smiling, and both sides of her body seem to move well, and she will grasp things with both hands. We will know a little more after her developmental evaluation.

Dr. Grant also told us that typically the Left side of the brain is dominant, especially in right-handed people. Fortunately this is the side of Shelby's brain that looks the best.

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