Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend Fun and Monday Appointments

1) We had two house showings this weekend....let's hope this trend continues (and that someone wants to buy it soon.....)

2) We told Harding we'd have some fun this weekend now that the house is finally listed.Our Friday night family fun consisted of Putt Putt with the Moss family.

I took this photo when Harding got a hole in one. Good times. :)
3) Landen spent the night with us for the first time Saturday night and it was surprisingly easy and really fun!

He wants to do everything Harding does....bubble beard and all.

Landen seemed to have the best attention span of the family for bedtime stories. Shelby was bouncing and Harding was in vampire mode.

4) We had a very busy Monday with three appointments after school/work today.

Harding has been seeing the orthodontist for a year now and Dr. Ryan has been "watching" the progression of his teeth and how they grow. The deal is that Harding has lots of teeth and not much space for them to come in. He's going to have four teeth pulled by the dentist next month and hopefully that will help the space situation. I have a feeling we will be getting to know Dr. Ryan real well ($$$)!

We left the orthodontist and headed to the allergist for Harding's biweekly shots, then went home for Shelby's first appointment with her new OT. This went surprisingly well! I am feeling good about Liz...she interacted well with Shelby and had some really good ideas. She seems so knowledgeable when it comes to sensory stuff. It is hard making a therapist change and we'll certainly miss Adam, but I am looking forward to working with Liz and seeing what happens.

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