Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beach Trip 2013

Before Shelby's surgery last week, we traveled as a family to North Myrtle Beach. We had a few days of family time with just the four of us and then my parents and Chris, Grant, and their kids came down for the remainder of the week. It was nice to have some family time and extended family time and it is always great watching Harding and Shelby with their cousins. Emotions were high and Trip and I were both very anxious about Shelby's surgery, but we relaxed as best we could and enjoyed each other and the beach. We wanted Shelby to get in lots of swimming time since she can't for a month post-surgery and we wanted Harding to have fun too. Mission accomplished!

We left at 6 am and the kids actually slept part of the way. They have always been so great on road trips.

Enjoying some time on the beach with my sweet kiddos. Its not as relaxing as it looks though because these two like to stay busy.

I snapped this one of Trip and the kids on Father's Day. What a great Dad he is too!

Harding found his first shark's tooth....a Mattice family tradition. There were so many on N. Myrtle.

I love this one of Shelby kicking the soccer ball with Trip. She was so happy walking in the surf.

Harding got really into doing silly jumps. Kate Leffler...we'll have to teach him "The Newspaper". :)

We got to be with sweet Gardner on his first birthday. He knew just what to do with that cupcake and licked all the icing off first.

Cousins photo shoot on our last night was like herding cats, but bribing them with more cupcakes seemed to encourage better cooperation.

My angels! The salty beach air made Shelby's hair even more gorgeous.

Harding and Shelby slept in a double bed together. This was taken the night before her surgery.


  1. That picture of them snuggling in bed is priceless! Glad you had a great trip!