Thursday, September 13, 2012

We're All Good

Our number one goal for the summer was to get Shelby walking. Two weeks ago (and right before Labor Day weekend), she took her first steps by herself. This afternoon she walked all the way across the living room slowly, steadily, and with purpose...she started to fall over a couple times, but then corrected herself and kept going till she reached her destination. Nothing short of amazing.

The kids are one month into the school year at a brand new school and they are thriving. They love their teachers, they are making new friends and learning, and they are happy. We have an incredible babysitter who picks them up from school and brings them home. I don't have to rush out the door at work leaving multiple things undone to pick the kids up from two different daycares and then rush to get somewhere else in a hurry. These days, doctor appointments and therapies are much less frequent. Trip and I have even found time to exercise regularly.

I am thankful that Shelby's care is finally getting easier (there have been some very tough times in the past three years). I am slowly and intentionally learning how to not put so much pressure on myself to be perfect. In so many tangible ways, things are really going well right now and I am grateful. I'm also terrified that something will happen to upset the sweet spot we've found this fall. What if Shelby's shunt fails like it did a year ago? What if her migraines come back? What if she starts having seizures? These are the anxieties that surface when I wake up in the middle of the night...I'm dealing with these fears. But for right now, we're all good and I am embracing it.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I can fully understand your concerns. "We are all good": positive thinking has proven to work.