Saturday, July 28, 2012

Harding's 1st Race

Harding has enthusiastically cheered me on in several races that I've done and had expressed some interest in doing a race of his own. We signed him up for the Bele Chere family fun run and he has been "training" for three weeks by running around our block (0.7 mile). Running with Harding is amusing because he runs his mouth faster than his legs, and I've enjoyed our time training together. He begged MoMo and Bop to come watch him race this morning and warned them that he would wave to them when he saw them, but couldn't stop and talk because it was a race. He also told them to cheer loudly, which they did! 
Pre-race, Harding was excited!

Lined up at the start (H hated all the waiting). Notice that every kid was #1. :)

A good action shot...

Showing our family solidarity....the last bit of the race was uphill and Trip and I had to practically drag him. :)

About to cross the finish line!

Post-race pose with Harding's ribbon.

Harding with his loyal fans! Thanks for the support MoMo, Bop, and Shelby!


  1. So COOL!! And one day... all FOUR of you will run this.