Sunday, February 5, 2012

On a sunny Sunday in February

We ventured to the park to let Harding practice his bike riding without training wheels. He took to it immediately--a sign we should have removed those wheels 6 months ago. I don't remember it being this easy when I learned to ride a bike (in 2nd grade).

After a few laps on the bike, we hit the playground. Shelby sure does love to swing. We're patching her eye a couple hours a day now too (same concept as the cast, but to strengthen her left eye).

Harding enjoyed climbing the giant tire tunnel and sliding down the fire poll.

Harding wrapped up the day at his friend Haven's bowling birthday party. Happy birthday sweet Haven!

And Shelby's day ended with OT and then a much-needed bath. She is still doing great with leftie, but she struggles with opening her left thumb, which makes grasping and releasing objects more difficult. I'm looking forward to seeing what her second week of constraint-induced therapy brings.

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  1. I distinctly remember falling into a prickly bush when I learned how to ride my bicycle! Way to go H!!!