Thursday, October 6, 2011

OT and PT this week...

Shelby's therapy sessions this week have been a study in opposites. I left work early on Tuesday to pick Shelby up from daycare in order to take her home for PT with Beth. Shelby fussed and cried and screamed the entire time and virtually nothing was accomplished. Although she did do some standing. I was incredibly frustrated Tuesday evening....these sessions are not free, and leaving work early is hard, so for the entire session to not be worthwhile because Shelby was grumpy did not sit well.
This may be the only time in the entire 45 minutes when she wasn't crying.
Today I was nervous because we had OT with Adam this afternoon, and I didn't want a repeat of Tuesday. Thankfully, she did great and showed off some crawling skills for Adam. He also worked with her on using both hands to hold and drink a cup.

Usually she gets mad when people "help" her, but today the princess was tolerant.

Using lefty on the iPad while Harding eats his afternoon snack.
Adam tried to get her to climb up the stairs to get a toy, but she wasn't sure.
After Adam left, I looked over and Shelby was climbing the stairs on her own....the little stinker! Not sure how I feel about this, we may be in trouble!

There she goes! Thank goodness we had a productive therapy session today. I think that Tuesday was just a fluke....everyone has bad days from time to time....

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