Sunday, September 11, 2011

Home sweet home!

We got home yesterday afternoon and Shelby and I are so glad to be back here with Harding and Trip. On the morning after Shelby's surgery, she was still only content burrowed into my arms. By that evening, she was trying to crawl across the hospital bed, demanding her toys and her ipad, and just generally raising hell. I am so glad that my cousin Katy was there with us to help me keep Shelby entertained. Anytime the door would open to our room after a soft knock, Shelby would get really still and say, "Oh, shoot." Yep, back to her old self! She learned really quickly what people were there to play with her and what people were there to mess with her. Anytime medical personnel came into the door, she would burrow into me again trying to hide and I can't say I blame her. Yesterday morning was spent waiting around for all the paperwork and procedures to be complete that would allow us to be discharged. As we were walking out of the peds floor and the hospital itself around mid-day, Shelby alternated between saying and waving, "bye bye" and shouting, "hooray". It was pretty cute! When we got home, she went right for all of her favorite toys and was elbow crawling slowly all over the place playing with them. In the past few weeks, she had mostly resorted to commando crawling with her belly dragging across the floor. I don't know if that is because her shunt was slowly failing or if she preferred that faster travel mode. Now she is back on her elbows with her belly off the floor. I am relieved about this because the neurosurgeon told us her abdomen would be pretty sore for awhile (she has an incision there too). That's all for now, I want to get some snuggle time in with Harding while Shelby and Trip are still sleeping. I'll try to put some pictures up later today though. P.S. Shelby has a haircut appointment scheduled for Monday morning.

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  1. "Oh, shoot!"-That little girl cracks me up! So excited to hear about her crawling! Enjoy your H-man time, what an amazing big brother! Yay for all the family being back together :)