Friday, March 18, 2011

CIT Recap and recent "inchstones"

I've finally recovered enough from the three and a half weeks of constraint induced therapy to write about it. The good news is that Shelby made significant progress with her left arm and hand. She did not gain supination or learn how to hold things, but her arm got much stronger. She learned how to use the left arm for support and she started reaching up and touching objects with her left hand. The really neat thing that happened as a result of casting is that Shelby now knows how to purposefully isolate her left hand. Even two weeks out of casting, if we ask her to turn a page or touch my nose with "lefty" she can do it. We still have the cast and plan to use it during OT sessions in the near future.

In other news, Shelby has all the sudden become interested in walking. We can hold her hands and stand behind her and she will take steps across the room--grinning the entire way. She has even cruised a tiny bit while standing in front of the couch. This is exciting, but she still has to figure out how to pull herself up to a stand. We'll be working on that in PT.

Therapy is a challenge these days with our stubborn, independent, and willful Shelby Frances. She likes to do things on her own terms and she doesn't want any help. She has started to throw major tantrums when she thinks we (as in mommy, daddy, grandparents, therapists) are trying to "help". I guess this is typical for her age. At any rate, we measure progress in inchstones around here and all of Shelby's recent accomplishments are incredible!

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