Friday, January 7, 2011

Great news!

Back in December, I blogged about Shelby's 18-month check up with Dr. Love and mentioned that she has been hovering in the 2nd-3rd weight percentile for the last year. We have gone to a pediatric nutritionist in the past about fattening our girl up and she's been on what I call the "Paula Dean diet" ever since. Everything she eats has extra melted butter or olive oil added to it for extra calories. All her whole milk has a scoop of formula added to it for extra calories and protein. Over Christmas break, Shelby just seemed heavier. Her thighs have been looking thick and her cheeks and belly have plumped up. A month ago, Shelby weighed 19 lbs, 10 oz. When I took Shelby to the doctor's office yesterday for her monthly RSV shot, I was eager to get her on the scale. She weighed in at a whopping 21 lbs, 4.5 oz!!! I was ecstatic! Finally the Paula Dean diet has started to pay off. I made the nurse go plug the updated numbers into the computer and she came back with this lovely printout:
Shelby is now in the 9th-10th percentile range! Sweet! We're still a long way from where she needs to be with feeding, but I'll take this victory. The 9th percentile is a lot less worrisome. I am constantly telling myself (and others) that Shelby is on her own developmental time schedule, but honestly, its nice to see a chart where she is getting towards the "normal" range on something. Thank goodness we just got a Maclaren stroller--21 pounds is a lot to carry around!


  1. Oia wasn't even on the charts at that age. We too had to give her butter in warm foods and she never got whole milk until her second birthday. We gave her Infimil's Next Step Formula or Pediasure. Funny thing, we also said she was on the Paula Deen diet!

  2. Oh this is great news! It took a long time for Owen to get on the chart too, but now he's in the 25% for height and 35% for weight (that big head is heavy!) Grow baby grow!!

  3. Great news, little Shelby!! Avery's a 21 pounder too, and somewhat of a picky eater. He doesn't seem to follow my lead in ice cream consumption!