Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Trip and I have been racking our brains trying to figure out what Shelby might like for Christmas. She's a tough one. Her favorite activity lately is army crawling to the bookshelf and pulling books down to chew on. She is really starting to explore her surroundings these days. Last week she crawled all the way into the kitchen for the first time. She found the top to a to-go coffee cup on the floor and started throwing it and absolutely cracking up at the sound it made when it fell on the floor. The video is pretty cute. Maybe she'll get a stocking full of coffee cup tops this year....


  1. Look at her go! She's having a grand time, isn't she?!

    I used to struggle (and sometimes still do) with gift ideas for Elisabeth. But I've found that the toys in the 0-6 month range and sometimes the 6-12 suit her well. I imagine I'll be shopping in that aisle forever :)

  2. Such a precious giggle!!!

    Norah is also in an eating books stage. Last week I went to 1/2 Price Books and bought a bunch on board books. It's fun to watch her flip through them then eat them.

  3. Gorgeous Miss Shelby! Go little gal! (Oh, and I'm loving your new paint job and bamboo flooring. So pretty!!)