Saturday, August 22, 2009

EEG News

Mission Children's Hospital called on Thursday afternoon to schedule Shelby's EEG for Friday at 1:00. We didn't expect to learn anything yesterday because we still didn't have an appointment with the neurologist (Dr. Poplawski). I took Shelby in for her EEG and the technician hooked up electrodes all over her head and monitored her brain activity for about 25 minutes. For part of the time, she placed a strobe light over her head to see if there were any brain reactions to it.

At 5:30 yesterday afternoon, a nurse from Dr. Poplawski's office called to say that the doctor had read Shelby's EEG and there were frequent epileptiform discharges (electrical activity in the brain) showing focal seizures in the right temporal area of her brain. She said Shelby Frances needed to go on seizure medication (Keppra) twice a day and she called it into the pharmacy. She said this medicine may cause some irritability and fussiness in Shelby while her body gets used to it and that they would slowly ease her into taking larger doses. I didn't get to talk to the doctor because he had already left for the day, so I told the nurse that we needed an appointment with Dr. Poplawski as soon as possible. I will be calling them first thing Monday morning.

We're worried and frustrated right now. Our baby is on major medicine. The neurologist obviously thought it was pretty important that she go on the medicine quickly, because he prescribed it to her before meeting with us and examining her. I wonder why no one suggested that we go to a neurologist sooner?

If anybody knows anything about seizures or seizure medication or neurologists (specifically Dr. Poplawski), please shoot us an email. We have no idea when we'll be meeting with him.

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